Activating the body’s own regenerative powers naturally.


About Ferakin

Conventional long-term therapies for animals often end with surgery. To avoid this, we have developed the Ferakin therapy. For a long and joyful time for both — the animals and their owners.

About Sanakin BioScience

Sanakin BioScience is the holding and headquarter of a global group to promote a new approach in creating an autologous serum for humans and animals. In 2010 the first company was established in Germany to start working with the body’s own immune proteins in orthopaedics – the beginning of the Sanakin Technology. The results were so encouraging that we expanded our technology to other specialties.

At the same time, Sanakin BioScience also transferred this approach to veterinary medicine: With Ferakin therapy we have created a way to treat any type of inflammation in pets and livestock 100% autologously.