How Ferakin works

How Ferakin works

How Ferakin works

Application and biological principle of action


Ferakin — 100% autologous serum therapy for animals

Ferakin is about regulating inflammatory processes and stimulating tissue regeneration in pets and livestock with a completely autologous serum therapy. With the help of Ferakin, a body’s own serum can be obtained from the animal’s blood. The ready serum is 100% autologous and contains high concentrations of the body’s own messenger substances for anti-inflammation and tissue regeneration (interleukins and growth factors).

A veterinarian can use the serum derived for treating pain, signs of degenerative joint wear, and inflammation of the skin or oral area. In addition, the serum activates the body’s natural regeneration processes — far more than it could do on its own.

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Biologically active principle of the Ferakin therapy

The body of animals controls inflammatory processes via special messengers. These messengers are called cytokines and dock onto corresponding signal sites of the cells and transmit their message: “trigger inflammation” or “stop inflammation”. In case of inflammation or tissue damage, the balance of anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory cytokines is disrupted.

This is the point where the Ferakin therapy can help in a very specific way. With the help of Ferakin an Autologous Cytokine Rich Serum (ACRS) is produced. This serum contains a high concentration of already activated and released cytokines (more precisely growth factors and interleukins). The serum is injected exactly where it can develop its full effect. The positive cytokines reach the affected tissues directly and have an immediate effect: They regulate inflammation and push tissue regeneration — far more strongly than the body of the animal could do on its own.

Application of Ferakin therapy

100% autologous, unlimited and safe

Natural and safe procedure

Support of the body’s own regenerative powers

Pain relief

Inhibition of inflammation

Cartilage protection

Prevention or delay of surgical procedures

Therapy with few side effects

Individual treatment by the doctor

No overdose possible

Unrestricted therapy duration

Improvement of the quality of life

Rapid application

Uncomplicated handling

General indications

In horses & Camels

  • Coffin joint
  • Pastern joint
  • Fetlock
  • Carpal joint
  • Cubital joint
  • Shoulder joint
  • Tarsometatarsal joints
  • Hock
  • Knee joint
  • Hip joint
  • Skin inflammations
  • Poorly healing or chronic wounds
  • Aesthetic skin regeneration and tissue reconstruction

Cats and Dogs

  • Knee joint
  • Cubital joint
  • Carpal joint
  • Saddle joints
  • Hip joint
  • Tarsal joint
  • Shoulder joint
  • Joints of the spine

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